Don't Care What The Neighbours Say: Christmas Time is Near

Christmas is busy, shopping is a bother, but at least at one store you know they'll let you browse in peace. Balfour Books is packed to the chimney with fantastic books for the people in your life. 

For the experimental voyager we have in some terrifically strange cult volumes including a number by Aldous Huxley: 

Of course if you want to start them tripping early, why not start with Aldous Huxley's kids book. You know, for the little ones. For real. I don't think that Egg is meant to be green: 

We also have in an incredible selection of hardcover gift and art books, including volumes by David Blackwood, a wonderful set Toronto photographic and architectural history books, and some classic hockey volumes for your favourite fan (or bitter rival). 

We also know carry a collection of greeting and postcards from Red Type Ink. Their images are careful reproductions of posters, paintings and woodcuts discovered in the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center, a collection of 4,000 posters, woodcuts and ephemera dating back to the beginning of the Chinese Revolution in 1949.  

So give the gift of Communism! Find out more at

And Merry Christmas! 

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