Ladies & Gentlemen

Here at Balfour, we try not to sort our books strictly upon gender lines, nor make assumptions about readership. A female publishing executive is just as likely to seek out true crime as a mafioso enforcer is to pick up Fifty Shades of Grey. We've seen it happen.  

Still, that doesn't stop a few books from tipping a little bit further to one side or other of the gender divide. 

To wit: 

For the inspired theoretical mathemetician in your life: 

Apiary science, naturally a masculine pursuit: 

And a final post-mortem blast of belligerance from a master: 

And for the fairer sex, a bit classic, a bit erotic, a bit avant garde. 

Hardly seems fair= Bucky Balls, Bees, and Death for the gents.  Romance, Erotica, and  Poetry for the ladies. Is this our own bias? Don't let us tell you what you should like. You have to find out for yourself-no matter how many shades you're looking for. 

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