If On A Winter's Night Part Two 

In 1941, John Steinbeck travelled to Mexico to script a documentary about a rural village's transition"in the long moment when the past slips reluctantly into the future'. The Forgotten Village offers a kind of 'photo comic' version of the same tale, mixing still pictures 'selected for thei rintrinsic beauty and the graceful harmony with which they accompany Steinbeck's text'. 

For the Vorticist in your life, Ezra Pound's Personae offers "the definitive collection of shorter poems" by the Transatlantic modernist, including works from the English avant-garde manifesto magazine "Blast." Reprint edition from 1971, but will still makes you look pretty damn smart if left casually lying around. 

Also from the seventies, this photo-cover of Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep brings a whole Charlie's Angel vibe to the femme fatale.  UPDATE: SOLD 

We must stop now. It's silly. 

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